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Vaka Çalışmaları

Vaka Çalışmaları
Dosya / Doküman
Turkey: Evaluating the Impact of Iskur's Vocational Training Programs
The Impact of Vocational Training for the Unemployed: Experimental Evidence from Turkey
Protection in Good and Bad Times? The Turkish Green Card Health Program
Randomized Impact Evaluation of Afghanistan's National Solidarity Programme: Final Report
Impact Evaluation of School Feeding Programs in Lao PDR
Philippines Conditional Cash Transfer Program: Impact Evaluation 2012
Impact Evaluation of Three Types of Early Childhood Development Interventions in Cambodia
Impact Evaluation of Free-of-charge CFL Bulb Distribution in Ethiopia
Impact Evaluation of a Large-Scale Rural Sanitation Project in Indonesia
Impact Evaluation of Small and Medium Enterprise Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean
Impact Evaluation: Techniques for Evaluating Active Labor Market Programs
Impact Evaluation of Trade Interventions: Paving the Way
Impact Evaluation of the Egyptian Health Sector Reform Project: Pilot Phase
The Role of Training Programs for Youth Employment in Nepal: Impact Evaluation Report on the Employment Fund
The Impact of a Pay-for-Performance Scheme on Prescription Quality in Rural China: Impact Evaluation
Mexico: Impact Evaluation of SME Programs Using Panel Firm Data
Social Assistance and Poverty Reduction in Moldova, 2001-2004: An Impact Evaluation
Nicaragua: Ex-Post Impact Evaluation of the Emergency Social Investment Fund
Monitoring and Evaluating Projects: A Step-by-Step Primer on Monitoring, Benchmarking, and Impact Evaluation
Impact Evaluation of Business License Simplification in Peru: An Independent Assessment of an International Finance Corporation-Supported Project
Maintaining Momentum to 2015: An Impact Evaluation of Interventions to Improve Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition in Bangladesh
An Impact Evaluation of India's Second and Third Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Projects: A Case of Poverty Reduction with Low Economic Returns
Compensatory Education for Disadvantaged Mexican Students: An Impact Evaluation Using Propensity Score Matching
An Evaluation of the Performance of Regression Discontinuity Design on PROGRESA
The Impact of Consulting Services on Small and Medium Enterprises: Evidence from a Randomized Trial in Mexico
Continuous Off-the-Job Training in East Germany After Unification: Preliminary Results of an Evaluation of the Effects For Individual Workers
The Allocation and Impact of Social Funds: Spending on School Infrastructure in Peru
Vouchers for Private Schooling in Colombia: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment
Instrumental Variables Estimates Of the Effect of Subsidized Training on the Quantiles of Trainee Earnings
Conditional Cash Transfers and Female Schooling: The Impact of the Female School Stipend Program on Public School Enrollments in Punjab, Pakistan
The Poverty Impacts of Rural Roads: Evidence from Bangladesh
Rural Roads and Poor Area Development in Vietnam
Matching as an Econometric Evaluation Estimator: Evidence from Evaluating a Job Training Programme
Estimating the Benefit Incidence of an Antipoverty Program By Propensity-Score Matching
Choosing Among Alternative Nonexperimental Methods for Estimating the Impact of Social Programs: The Case of Manpower Training
Grandmothers and Granddaughters: Old-Age Pensions and Intrahousehold Allocation in South Africa
Social Protection in a Crisis: Argentina's Plan Jefes y Jefas
Conditional Cash Transfers, Schooling, and Child Labor: Micro-Simulating Brazil's Bolsa Escola Program
Socioeconomic Impact of Mining Activity: Effects of Gold Mining on Local Communities in Tanzania and Mali