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Doğu ve Güneydoğu Kalkınma Ajansları Gelişiyor Projesi

Başucu Kitapları

Başucu Kitapları
Dosya / Doküman
Handbook on Impact Evaluation
10 Adımda Sonuç Odaklı İzleme ve Değerlendirme Sistemi
10 Steps to a Results Based M&E System
Kalkınma Ajanslarının Desteklerinin Değerlendirilmesi: Karşıt Durum Etki Değerlendirme Örneği
Impact Evaluation in Practice
Impact Evaluation of Small and Medium Enterprise Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean
Monitoring and Evaluating Projects: A Step-by-Step Primer on Monitoring, Benchmarking, and Impact Evaluation
Guidelines for Project and Programme Evaluations
Impact Evaluations and Development
Outcome Level Evaluation
EVALSED - The Resource For The Evaluation of Socio-Economic Development: Sourcebook - Method And Techniques
Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management
"Değerlendirme" ve "Sonuç Odaklı Yönetim"de Anahtar Terimler Sözlüğü
Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluating for Results
Ex Ante Evaluation of Social Programs
The Central Role of the Propensity Score in Observational Studies for Causal Effects
Using Randomization In Development Economics Research: A Toolkit
Local Instrumental Variables
Structural Equations, Treatment Effects, And Econometric Policy Evaluation
Identification and Estimation of Local Average Treatment Effects
The Role of Randomized Field Trials in Social Science Research: A Perspective from Evaluations of Reforms of Social Welfare Programs
Some Practical Guidance for the Implementation of Propensity Score Matching
Matching As An Econometric Evaluation Estimator
Efficient Estimation Of Average Treatment Effects Using The Estimated Propensity Score
Nonparametric Estimation of Average Treatment Effects under Exogeneity: A Review
Alternative Approaches To Evaluation In Empirical Microeconomics
Causal Parameters, Structural Equations, Treatment Effects and Randomized Evaluations of Social Programs
Identification of Treatment Effects by Regression Discontinuity Design
Multivariate Regression Models For Panel Data
The Impact of Economic Policies on Poverty And Income Distribution: Evaluation Techniques And Tools
Design and Commissioning of Counterfactual Impact Evaluations - A Practical Guidance for ESF Managing Authorities
KUSİF, Fon Veren Kurumlar için Sosyal Etki Ölçümleme Rehberi
Impact Evaluation in Practice (Güncellenmiş 2. basımı)
A note on the impact evaluation of public policies
Impact Evaluation of Development Interventions: A Practical Guide